The voting began on March 31st in search for the Best Voice In Binghamton Competition at Touch of Texas, Northgate Plaza Binghamton, see the top ten to our winner here.

Binghamton’s Number One for New Country 98.1 The Hawk along with other Townsquare media Binghamton Radio personalities agreed to be guest celebrity judges each week at Touch of Texas in the Northgate Plaza Upper Front Street Binghamton  are looking for the Best Voice in Binghamton.

The competition started with around 20 contestants based on qualifiers over the past few months and put them into three teams. The three main Celebrity Judges will be Rich Birdsall, Louie G and Doug Mosher/ Astrid, each judge has assigned a local charity to their team that will be awarded money if their team wins.

I gave up my chair for Astrid who is one of our rising stars on WILD 104 weekday afternoons and weekends with 98.1 the Hawk.

All across America, small cities and towns just like ours have their share of extremely talented people How much talent is right here in our community?

Thanks to Touch of Texas, owners Greg, Terry, and Kevin, and our master of ceremonies, the one and only Jimmy Jones.

I was on hand for the finale last Friday and here is the top ten countdown video check it out below.




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