We're halfway through August, which means the dog days of summer are upon us. While we're smack dab in the middle of the warmest days of summer, there are also some pretty hot deals in stores too!

According to Cheapism, these are the best things to buy in August.

  • 1

    School Supplies

    Basically it's all about scooping up back-to school supplies and deals this month.

  • 2

    Kid's Clothing

    Again, it's back-to-school season, so you're sure to find some amazing steals on clothing.

  • 3

    Dorm Decor

    Are you sensing a theme? You'd be right!

  • 4


    For...you guessed it, back-to-school! A lot of laptops will be on sale this month.

  • 5

    Summer Clothes

    Fall styles are moving in and so this is a great month to take advantage on deals on shorts, tanks and bathing suits for next summer.

  • 6

    Lawn Mowers

    I know it's hot and hard to imagine, but it won't be long before our lawn mowers will be tucked away in the garage for winter, which means there are lots of deals on new ones.

  • 7

    Camping Gear

    As summer begins to wind down, you'll see stores start slashing prices on tents, sleeping bags, and more.

  • 8


    The end of summer travel season means discounts on luggage and other traveling gear.

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