I'm sure that you've seen it in the news, a record number of New Yorkers moving out of state. For those who have decided to stay behind, it's good to know that the housing market in New York isn't all doom and gloom.

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One Southern Tier town has been named among the hottest locations to buy a house in the Empire State. BetOhio.com analyzed data from Realtor.com to find in-demand housing areas  based on two factors: demand score and median days on the market.

Topping the list in New York is Fairport, just nine miles from Rochester, with a demand score of 98.85 and homes spending an average of just over  22 days on the market. This town in upstate New York has a strong sense of community, making it a highly wanted  location for homebuyers.

Taking the silver is Penfield with a demand score of 98.84 and an average of 27 and a half days on the market. Known for their excellent schools, Penfield is a popular choice for families looking for a great place for their kids to grow up in..

Pittsford  takes the third spot, with a demand score of 97.66 and homes spending less than 31 days on the market. Known for its charm and upscale amenities, Pittsford is a desirable place for those looking to settle down in a vibrant town.

Broome County Town Is One Of The Top New York Locations To Buy a House

There is a town in Broome County that has landed on the list. Vestal took the number 11 spot on the list of the best places to buy a house in New York. With a demand score of 88.17 and homes spending less than 60 days on the market, Vestal is a mix of affordability and amenities. This town in upstate New York is known for its strong community spirit and close location to top educational universities.

If you're interested in exploring the rest of the top 20 metros (across the United States) that are great for buying a house, check out the whole list here.

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