Do you remember how excited that we would all get when we were a kid and got to get a Go-Gurt on the way out the door. How about when we would beg our parents for Pop-Tarts on a Saturday morning?

Now that we are adults, we find that these kind of snacks bring back some strong and pleasant childhood memories from a simpler time.

The Search for Nostalgic Treats

Coventry wanted to find out which snacks from our childhood brings back the most feelings of nostalgia and hold the biggest place in our hearts. So they put together a list of 28 snacks that are considered nostalgic by groups like Delish, Eat This, and Buzzfeed. They looked into Google search trends from the last 20 years to find out what the most popular nostalgic snacks are for each state.

Ring Pops: New York's Favorite Nostalgic Snack

When all was said and done, the study results showed that New York's favorite nostalgic snack is the Ring Pop. Apparently, we couldn't get enough of these edible jewels back then and we can't get enough of them today.

Even after all of these years, they still have a huge spot in the hearts of the people from the Empire State. They can still be found at birthday parties and any other place that candy can be found. .

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Let's Travel Down Memory Lane

Everything seems to be in such chaos these days, so it's good to take a trip down memory lane every now and then. So grab a Ring Pop, stick in your mouth and remember the happy moments when life seemed simpler.

If you want to find out more about the study and see the whole list of America's favorite nostalgic snacks, you can do that here.

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