It’s that time of year that either makes you become more self aware how single you are or fall in love with the world just a little more.

That’s right, it’s cuffing season. The time of year where everyone who is single is rushing to find someone to spend the holidays with. On the flip side though, a majority of people who are already taken this holiday season press their significant other to make a statement and take the relationship to the next level (i.e. the ladies want an engagement ring). 

One Western New York couple just got engaged at a Luke Combs concert in Madison Square Garden, and while that is (and should be) a happy moment that should be celebrated, I couldn’t help but think of how intimidating that would be.

I mean, picture it: you are in Madison Square Garden, a venue that seats over 20,000, with the love of your life, and you are about to get down on one knee in front of all of them, hoping that she says yes.

(She did, so don’t worry in this instance.) 

As someone who has witnessed a rejection to a wedding proposal, it can be extremely awkward when done in a public setting — especially if the girl runs away? Which yes, that did happen.

If you are absolutely certain that your significant other will say yes when you propose, then this article is not for you. However, if you are concerned as to whether or not your partner is willing to take the next step and call themselves engaged to you, then maybe you want to rethink where you will propose this cuffing season.

Best 20 Places To Propose In Western New York

In Western New York, there are a lot of adequate (and safe) places to propose that avoid a big crowd, which is great if you are planning to propose but you are unsure how your significant other will react.

Whether your relationship is relatively new and your partner may not be as sure as you are, or your potential fiancé gets nervous around crowds, here are 20 places to consider proposing in Western New York.

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