A San Diego newspaper is reporting that a local brewery is introducing a beer made from what they’re calling the toilet to tap process.

The Times of San Diego quoted Mayor Kevin Faulconer as saying "There's no better way to highlight the purity of this water."

The Stone Brewery says it will help take less water from the natural process and allow them to keep a consistent supply of ahh the toilet to tap variety.

The process will use recycled waste water back into the drinking water.

I say UGH! How can they possibly get all the contaminants out of the water before it hits your mouth?

I might add that this brewery is not of the mom and pop type, they are one of the largest brewing companies in California.

Can this type of process open up the possibilities of other recycled beverages and foods? It could bring a whole new meaning to chips and dip.

I just waiting for the first person to take a sip of this new beer and say ‘this takes like crap’.

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