I'm not sure about anyone else but beekeeping isn't something I think of when it comes to "relaxing." But according to WKBW, the Veteran's Administrations and veterans' groups across the country are finding that beekeeping can actually help those dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Masterson's Garden Center in Erie County is partnering with a program called, "Helmets to Hives"; to teach veterans about the basics of beekeeping.

The Garden Center's owner, Mike Masterson says beekeeping forces veterans to concentrate on bees, which helps to block out traumatic memories.

"It gives them a sense of empowerment knowing that were able to safely handle a potentially scary situation with large numbers of honey bees," added beekeeper Erin Holko.

Masterson also said there's a calming effect working with nature. It helps decrease need for medication to deal with anxiety, stemming from PTSD.

That's right, beekeeping helps veterans and others dealing with PTSD. Pretty incredible.

Read the full story at WKBW.


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