As you may have noticed from the numerous holiday blogs I have posted, my family likes to celebrate the holidays in some non-traditional ways. We watch Christmas Vacation in other languages because we know the lines so well and we like to have a different kind of Christmas Eve meal.


This year my aunt, two cousins, and uncle came over for Christmas eve. We sat around and ate some spinach dip and shrimp all while doing one of our favorite activities: watch the Dallas Cowboys lose. We exchanged gifts and decided it was time for dinner.


There was a slight debate over what we should eat. Initially having some prime rib sandwiches at the local watering hole was proposed, but we settled on some Chinese takeout.


We ordered General Tso’s chicken, fried rice, egg roll, etc. We wound up with a feast of delicious takeout and red wine. Crab Rangoon was the most requested item from all of us so we made sure to get extra.


Towards the end of the meal my uncle was craving another crab filled dumpling and reached for one. Then he spotted it. WHAT HE THOUGHT WAS A BUG. We all immediately lost our appetites and I had to close my eyes for a few minutes to regroup.


My uncle and mom drove right over to the restaurant and wound up receiving half our money back. This may seem like a tame story, and could happen to all of us. But what my uncle said as soon as the restaurant answered will forever live on in holiday traditions.


My uncle picks up his phone and dials the restaurant. The woman on the other end says “hello.” My uncle then says “Hi, we found a dead fried bug that we didn’t order.” I have never laughed harder in my life.


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