When you go out to a restaurant, you look forward to a pleasant experience, so would you say something if you felt the service was bad?

I have never been a rude customer and I believe that being polite to your hostess will get you better service most of the time.

Recently I went to dinner with some family members at a restaurant that we like because they have always had good food and good service, and I won’t say the name of the restaurant because I think it would be in bad taste.

Everything was fine until the food arrived, there were four of us and the waitress brought out the food for three of us and explained that the fourth order would be right out in a few minutes.

Minutes turned into 15 minutes as the rest of us were taking small bites of our food trying not to eat in front of the one member of our party that didn’t get their food.

Finally, we asked the server what was talking so long and then the manager came over, she was very nice and apologized for the delay.

We did ask nicely why they would bring out food for three of the people and let one person sit there with no food for over 20 minutes.

The manager was sympathetic to our situation and explained there was an issue in the kitchen.

The food eventually came out and that member of our party got it on the house, they made up for the mishap,(included some free dessert) and we left satisfied.

My point is being understanding about what was clearly an isolated incident can turn a bad experience into a pleasant one.

We will go back to that restaurant because they made it right.

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