40 plus inches of snow. What a record breaker, right? It's one for the books. I was commenting to my neighbor the other day that I hope I never see this much snow in a 24 hour (or less) period again. That same neighbor was my life-saver plowing out my driveway and sidewalk, clearing out the snow from my front steps and even clearing the snow off my car. At the time I was in the midst of dealing with Covid-19. I am eternally grateful for his help.

Anyway, we would all hope to have a reprieve from any more unpleasant winter weather events anytime soon, but alas, Mother Nature says it's still 2020 my children, and I'm not done making it as miserable as possible for you.

So, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration in Binghamton, better known as NOAA, has issued a hazardous weather outlook for Thursday, Christmas Eve. The outlook calls for "warm temperatures and a soaking rain."

That means we could see a lot of snowmelt and we know from previous experience that that could be a possible problem. NOAA states that in addition to other issues, it could leave to the possibility of some flooding.

And then of course, Christmas Eve into Christmas Morning, we will experience freezing temperatures, and you know that leads to ice and slippery roads. Fortunately for most of us, we won't be traveling on Christmas Day due to Covid-19, so probably best to stay put if you can.

As we all know, weather conditions can change at any time, so be sure to check the NOAA website for updates and changes for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Hopefully, we'll still have a nice base of snow to look at on Christmas Day. We did wish for a white Christmas, didn't we?

via NOAA

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