I remember when I was younger my great grandmother, who was a saint, would always have different sugar packets and condiments packets from restaurants. The most distinctive one was the long, tubular sugar packets from Olive Garden. She seemed to always have some on hand.

I know find myself grabbing an extra Sweet N Low or two when I grab my coffee in the morning. I usually used these to sweeten my afternoon cup of joe or some tea before my show. I think nothing of this as a grab 3-4 extra, just in case.

I would say I do the same when I grab extra ketchup packets or mustard packets when I grab a hot dog or snack at a gas station. I will grab a few extra just in case I need some later.

Then I got to thinking, is this stealing? Yes we are paying for the cup of coffee and it is assumed we will use some kind of sweetener, but when is it too much. Should we be expected to grab just the right amount, or are the condiments free and covered by our purchase? Is it ok to just walk into a coffee shop and grab some sugar without making a purchase since they can be considered “up for grabs?”

I, unfortunately, do not have all the answers. But this is a debate we can have a little fun with!

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