Ten years ago, the idea of downloading apps was brand new. Now making those apps is the most lucrative thing you can do with your time. CNN/Money just released their annual list of the best jobs in America for 2017, and the number one career right now is mobile app developer.

The top five jobs right now are:

1. Mobile app developer.
The average app developer makes $97,000 a year, there are a ton of open jobs for you to scarf up, it's low stress, and you can usually work from home.

2. Risk management director
They help make plans for either communities or companies in case a disaster happens, and also run the clean up and rebuilding if it does.

3. Landman
That's someone who makes deals between oil companies and people who own the land that has natural resources under it.

4. Product analyst
That's someone who studies products and figures out how to improve them.

5. Info assurance analyst
They figure out ways to protect companies' data and network.

(Via: CNN/Money

(Here are all 100 jobs on the list.)

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