Earlier this week, I was talking about Binghamton's Largest Garage and Craft Sale to Tara and I was talking about the great deals that you can get. She brought up something that happened several years ago and she remembers it to this day.

She said, "Remember the time I got that white dress and you drove me around like a queen." I did, what a great day that was and an awesome memory for us. More on that in a moment.

Binghamton's Largest Garage and Craft Sale is this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m at the Oakdale Mall. There will be over 140 vendors with free parking and admission. No need to drive all over the place, instead it's just one destination for great deals.

Who knows, maybe you'll find a deal like my daughter and I found. So here's the story: Tara and I love to go garage sailing together and when she was young, she usually bought stuffed animals, Barbies and other girl type stuff.

It was something that she saw on a clothes rack that turned that day into a special day, it was the BEAUTIFUL white dress. When she saw it, she knew we just had to have it. After trying it on, it was a done deal.

Here's the best part...it was only ten dollars and I didn't have to dicker with the seller. She put it on in the van, we drove home, I opened the door and presented the honorable Tara Michelle Pitcher.

Tara told me that she felt so special when she wore it and it made her day better. It's a memory that I'll have for the rest of my life. Quality time spent with my daughter while getting an awesome deal at the same time.

Speaking of kids, Binghamton's Largest Garage and Craft Sale will have things for them to do too.  Macaroni Kid will be there, along with face painting and a Kid Zone for them to color. My point to all of this is.....You just never know what great deals and memories you'll make with your family unless you go this Saturday.




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