So did you screw up over the Christmas holiday with that special someone and your still in the doghouse?  Get out of it and get tickets to the 5th annual Binghamton on Tap event on February 23rd at the Doubletree by Hilton! Go from zero to hero by getting a reservation and stay at the hotel after the event...and you're welcome.

Binghamton on Tap is two tasting sessions including a VIP tasting session. You'll get a souvenir sampling glass and enjoy live music. Speaking of beer, here are some other things that you can do with beer.

Shampoo Your Hair:

Get a small saucepan, set the stove top to medium, put a cup of your not-so-favorite beer and boil it. This gets rid of the alcohol which can dry your hair out.

Let the beer cool, then mix it with a cup of your favorite shampoo. Pour it into an empty shampoo bottle, then wash and rinse. I remember when washing your hair was the rage along with Cabbage Patch Dolls and Tickle-Me Elmo.

Stop Snoring:

My wife sleeps with a mask over her eyes and pillow around her ears to avoid hearing me snore. I'm not sure how the mask keeps the sound down but who am I to judge.

Here's what I could do to help her. Get a T-shirt with a pocket and a 6-ounce mini-can of beer. Put the can in my pocket and fasten it with a safety pin. Just before I go to bed, put the shirt on backward.

Research (my wife) says that I'm more likely to snore while I'm on my back and I know it's true by all the times that I get smacked and asked to stop snoring. The Can will stop me from rolling over onto my back. Okay, any Can would work but I'm looking for uses for beer.

Passing a Kidney Stone:

Beer is a diuretic. It helps flush the kidneys and bladder. This can be beneficial if you're suffering from a bladder infection or kidney stone. You can drink water or cranberry juice, but beer can also work.

I could use big words to explain it but all you need to know is that It helps pass a stone quicker and easier. Besides, the alcohol will take the edge off the pain.

There are some uses for beer but the best is....sharing a cold one with friends at Binghamton on Tap. Get your tickets below. What a great gift to give to the lover of beer in your life and you could even make it a Valentine Day present....and you're welcome again.


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