Do you remember a few years ago when we were warned that the day is coming when robots were going to take our jobs? Most of us thought that it would be actual robots sitting at desks in our offices.

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Well, robots are taking over our jobs, just not the way we thought they would. Instead, computer robots are taking jobs that humans used to have and it is kind of scary. A report by GoTo found that one industry where artificial intelligence is taking over is the IT industry.

New York (maybe not its people, but its employers) is the leading state that's embracing this technology. Companies like GoTo are already using AI in their remote support and IT management solutions.

GoTo (and other businesses like it) are in favor of using AI that it works for them. They can streamline things and it gives their business a competitive advantage. Some New York businesses like using AI and they think it's a good thing. They believe it improves customer support and helps with overall efficiency.

AI's Growth Is Just Getting Started

The report also says that AI's growth is just getting started and we can expect even more advancements very soon. With advancements like this, New York businesses say that it's an exciting time to be alive.

Here's my question? Will they still be as happy when a robot takes over THEIR  job? Do you think when that happens, they will realize what a mistake they made? Is AI here to stay and how will this impact our kids and the future generations? Scary if you ask me!

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