How many times were you in a hurry while doing business on line and had to agree to pages of verbiage from that service, here’s are some things you probably wouldn’t agree to do.

Did you know when you Click agree for the services below what you're actually agreeing to?

  • Twitter makes you agree that it is not their fault if you get hacked, even if they get hacked into through a security breach they’re not responsible, that is in your agreement.
  • Linkedin which is a website set up to assist people who are looking for a job and hiring, it allows you to post resume’s and personal information the Linkedin agreement states that you must be forthcoming with all of your employment and personal history on their site, and if they catch you in a lie they can delete your account.
  • Instagram has an anti-stalk clause in which the person that uses the service agrees not to stalk anyone.
  •  Snapchat makes you agree not to break the law or put yourself in danger, meaning that they’re not responsible if you’re driving a vehicle or doing a very dangerous stunt and using their services.
  •  Facebook, which is probably the most used service on the list, when you agree to Facebooks terms you’re granting them a worldwide license to sue any IP item you post, which includes using your photos and such for promotional material, and even sharing it with other businesses.


How many services and agreements have you signed after actually reading every paragraph on every page? I personally have never done it, but maybe I should?

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