Another video of police here in Western New York aired on WIVB-TV is going viral on social media but not for the reasons you might think.

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It was a regular patrol through Niagara Falls State Park for Officer Janine Kloetzer, on the same day D’Andra Brown and her daughter Nevaea were out for a walk in the park.

Two women, two moms, crossing paths for one unintentional message.

“When I was driving over the American Rapids Bridge, I saw a young lady with two adult females and as I approached, she kind of froze up, looked very terrified, and put her hands up,” Kloetzer said. “It just broke my heart to see how terrified she looked, just to see the police car.”

When the officer approached them at first they thought they had done something wrong...then Officer Kloetzer ask Nevaea's Mom if she could talk to her daughter. When she passed and saw the look on the young girl's face, she wanted her to know that not all officers are bad--there are GOOD officers.

Brown captured the moment in this now-viral video.

Officer Kloetzer, a mom of three, says she hopes this small interaction makes a huge impact on Nevaea.

But Brown believes it’ll do much more than that for her daughter and those who see the video.

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