Many people around the world are currently losing their jobs due to places closing down, and the artistic industries are no exception. While it might not seem like it’s that bad, think of all the media you consume every day. Advertisements, animated movies, music; creative works are so ingrained in our normal world that we barely even register it.

But, for animators, musicians and writers that were laid off, there’s hope.

Youtubers and artists JoCat and Wystle While You Work have started a campaign they call Bards for Bards, a special fundraising event for just those sorts of people. Basically, they’re encouraging artists and other creatives to create artworks depicting people like themselves, albeit with a more fantasy twist.

As well, they have a major livestream planned for 2 PM EST where they will be drawing live and taking donations, with all proceeds going to Artist Relief Tree in the effort to help their fellow creatives.

Both have videos on their channels explaining the event, though be warned: some foul language will be used.

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