I graduated from middle school well over 20 years ago and while my memory of that day is really hazy, I was able to dig into the recesses of my mind and pull out one thing I do remember- the smell of dampness from the carpet in the auditorium. Of all the things I tried my hardest to remember from that day, damp carpet is it.

While my memory of 8th-grade graduation is virtually non-existent, I have no doubt that the faculty, staff and students at Jack Aiello's middle school will never, ever forget the graduation speech that he gave.

Instead of giving the typical (and frankly, immensely boring) speech heard at graduations, Jack did things differently and in a big way.

No matter what side of the political fence you stand on, I think that you'll agree that Jack (who gave his entire speech using political impressions) hilariously nailed his 8th-grade graduation speech, giving equal attention to Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders.