We've had such a mild winter and while my wallet has been thankful for a break in paying high energy bills, my heart has been sad. I love snow and was really hoping to be able to take my one-year-old out to play in it for the first time. I'm not sure that's going to happen.

But, playing in the snow did happen for one special woman. Betty Richie was told she could have anything she wanted to celebrate her 8th birthday and she chose to play in the snow. A woman after my own heart!

Betty has had a really rough few months as she had to lay to rest one of her daughters. She told one of her other kids that she really wanted to get out in the snow and play, and make snow angels.

And now, the adorable Betty has become a viral sensation after her daughter shared a video on Facebook of her laying down in the snow and making snow angels.

Betty's kids say that she's always loved the snow and playing in it, so they weren't all that shocked that her wish was to celebrate her birthday that way. They also say the positive reaction she's gotten from the millions of people who have viewed the video has helped her to cope with the recent loss of her daughter.

Mom making a snow angel on her 85th birthday!

Posted by Sherry Proper Spangler on Saturday, January 30, 2016