Go granny, go! This woman wasn't messing around when she took on her kids in a beer run and schooled them!

An 81-year-old grandma became the oldest finisher at the 2015 Beer Mile World Championships, finishing with a time of 20:24 – and to make it even sweeter, she totally beat her kids to the finish line.

This granny's name is Elvira Montes, (and she actually prefers Scotch), finished drinking four beers and running a mile 50 seconds faster than her 47-year-old daughter.

Her son-in-law didn’t finish. Um, now that’s embarrassing!

Elvira says she's already started training for next year’s race – with a goal of getting her time under 20 minutes.

If you're a beer lover, we've got just the thing for you. And if the granny in your life loves beer too, even better! You can take her on a date to our Binghamton on Tap Craft Beer Festival happening January 15-16, 2015.