If you own a pup you know what I'm about to talk about.

#1. The Doorbell Emergency
Only we the dog cohabitors know that when the doorbell rings drama begins. Your dog or dogs starts freaking out like an army of robbers are taking the walls down with sledgehammers. They look at you like "What The Heck are you doing??? Why aren't you freaking out?"

#2. Guilty Dog
There's trash on the floor, and some of it has been drug up onto the couch... I yell MAGGIE!! She comes trotting out head tilted like " What? I didn't do that."

#3. Bed Hog Dog
They take up the whole freaking thing! God forbid you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. haha

#4. ASPCA commercial Depression
I mute or sometimes change the channel when those ASPCA Sarah McLachlan commercials come on. All those sad puppies looking at me "I'm going to die, sir! Please help." I want to run outside like Ace Ventura and scream "Come to me jungle friends!"

#5. My Dog's Intuition 
If you walk in my house and my dog doesn't like you, I'm going to assume you're secretly a serial killer.

6. I Cannot Help Myself, I Must Pet ALL The Dogs
I want to pet ALL the dogs, I can't help myself, the dog is there and needs lovin'. My 100% weakness.

7. Of Course, I Talk to My Dog!
Yes, I talk to my dog. I realize she can't talk back and... I don't care. Maggie listens to me without judgment and gives me kisses after. She knows what I'm saying always.

8. Overjoyed Dog Greeting
No one will ever be as excited to see you as your dog is when you come home. It doesn't matter if you've been gone five days or five minutes. You get tail wagging, jumping, whining... you are your dog's favorite person. Bar None.

My Maggie is NOT just a dog. She's my family.

[Via: OneCountry]