People are heading back to work.  If you've been in the building the whole time, here's a list of things you might have forgotten about working with people.

When the pandemic began, a lot of people got sent home to work from there to decrease our social interaction.  If you were one of the people that were left at the office to "hold down the fort," so to speak, you may have gotten a little comfortable there.

There wasn't anyone there day after day to see what you were wearing, to tell you that you should have shaved, or looking over your shoulder.  You were just there getting work done.

But you may have had those moments where you actually missed your co-workers.  You may have had memories of standing by the water cooler and catching up with actual people.  You'd talk about what happened on the Bachelor or the game that happened the night before.

You may have even uttered the words, "Man, I really miss my co-workers.  It would be nice just to have people around again." that's becoming a reality.  People are coming back to work and now you're realizing you've made a horrible mistake.  "What was I thinking? I had the whole building to myself, and now I've got to share it with people again!"

If you're having second thoughts now, this list will probably resonate with you.  It's a list of all the things that remind you how much you love your co-workers, but you also wish they worked from home still.

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