My husband and I had been best friends for nearly a decade when he asked me to marry him, and as soon as I agreed to be his wife, Jay told me that he wanted to get married right away- he didn't want to wait. I asked if he could just give me enough time to pick out a dress to which he agreed. Just three months after Jay proposed, we got married in an intimate backyard wedding the home of friends.

I'm not the kind of girl who wears dresses and I knew that I didn't want a traditional wedding dress- I wanted a dress that I could wear to fancy events well beyond my wedding day, and so I picked a champagne colored cocktail dress. Next Tuesday will mark our 3rd anniversary and I haven't yet had an occasion to wear the dress, but I'm sure something will come along one of these days and I'll be really thankful that I didn't go with a traditional wedding dress. I just hope that 60 years from now I'll be able to pull out my dress and still be able to fit in it.

80-year-old Janith Goedde and her husband, Joe, celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and one of their friends suggested that Janith pulled out her wedding dress that she's stored away in the attack.

Just for fun, and not thinking the dress would actually fit, Janith dug it out and put it on. When she turned to look at herself in the mirror, she was completely shocked to see that the dress fit her exactly as it had 60-years-ago. The dress was still pure white and in amazing shape.

Curious how much Janith spent on her dress when she bought it in 1957? $69.95.

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