Maybe I'm a little late (okay, I'm VERY late), but recently, I've given in and created a Pinterest account and let me tell you, I'm OBSESSED. I never thought I'd be a DIY person, but it's too much fun!

I encourage everybody to create a Pinterest and get to creating- and I mean everybody! I know most people think it's a women's thing, but my boyfriend has a Pinterest and loves it! He's always creating something beautiful out of a few pieces of wood! Pinterest also gives me this feeling of, "I just created that beautiful thing myself!"

So, to get you started, here are a few of my favorite DIY projects from Pinterest!

1. Jar Lid Picture Magnets

This one looks amazing! It can work as a gift or to keep for yourself! Either way, it's so easy to make something so meaningful. I'll definitely be trying it soon! Check it out here!

2. DIY Glow Jars

These beautiful jars are easy to make and can brighten up any nighttime activity! I can't wait to bring a few to the Taste of Country Music Festival, where they can light up the camp grounds! Try 'em!

3.Fourth of July Mason Jar Candles

Whoever thought of this idea deserves a DIY award because these are unlike any candles I have ever seen! And the coolest part? They don't have to just be for Fourth of July Festivities! With just a little rice and food coloring, you can really personalize your candles!

4. Burlap Garden Rustic Wreath

I absolutely love this idea and I will definitely be making one of these when I get a chance. I love anything rustic and this blows everything else I've seen out of the water, while also giving any house such a "homey" feel! Here it is!

5. Outdoor Sofa Made From Pallet Wood

I love this DIY and it's great for guys and gals to do together! It would look great on an outdoor patio or in a backyard, near a garden! Did you ever picture yourself making a couch all by yourself?!


Do you have any favorite DIY projects? Send 'em our way!