Expedia released a survey this week about the most annoying things your passengers do while riding with you.

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    Backseat Driving

    61% of us that participated in the survey said it's the most annoying thing you can do when you're riding along.

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    You Are a Bad Navigator

    11%.  I think we could eliminate this issue if we just used the GPS on our phones?

  • Birdsall

    Hogging the radio

    9%.  Especially if you're listening to 98.1 The Hawk, and they try to change the station. Slap their hands if yah gotta!

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    Falling Asleep

    6%.  If you're on a long road trip and you ride along partner falls asleep you've got no one to talk to. Annoying!

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    Taking Your Shoes Off

    5%. It's even more annoying if you put your feet up on the dashboard. Heck you might as well fall asleep! You comfortable over there?