Tis' the season of 'Shark Week'.  This year though, on top of watching dives and jumps and attacks, you can also make a nice chunk of change.

One thousand dollars could be yours just for watching 'Shark Week'.  According to Thrillist, someone is going to be lucky enough to get $1000 and perks for watching when 'Shark Week' kicks off on August 9th.

USDirect stepped up with the offer, but there are some tasks included.  While watching sharks all week long, you've also got to involve social media.  Tasks like posting your favorite shark fact, and ranking shows are all part of making the $1000.  BUT, if you're a major 'Shark Week' fan, I can't see how any of this is an issue.  Seriously.  Television, sharks, and social media.  Minus the sharks that sounds like daily life for a lot of people right now.  So why not try to make an extra grand!  You have until July 27th to enter and plead your case on why you deserve to be the chosen one.  Get more info here.

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