As we brace ourselves for the biggest storm of the season in the Southern Tier, where we could see up to 18 inches of snow in some areas, it brings back memories of the BIG ONE that we had 30 years ago. If you are old enough to remember then you'll remember what you were doing when the Blizzard of '93: The Storm of the Century hit on Friday, March 12th, 1993.

Blizzard Of 93: Storm Of The Century Memories

I was getting ready for my BIG move to Nashville that weekend and I knew the storm was coming and probably should have left before it hit. However, The Black Crowes were playing that Friday night at Mansfield University and I went to the show with a couple of my friends...BIG mistake on a few levels.

One) The Black Crowes were ready for a break as the Robinson brothers (Chris and Rich) weren't getting along very well. It looked like everyone was just doing their own thing on stage and it was obvious that they were done for now.

Two) I was leaving for Nashville on Saturday and I decided to stay at my friends cabin (trailer) in the woods the night before. We got COMPLETELY snowed in, so we spent the time playing cards and shooting the BB gun inside. On second thought, that wasn't a mistake, it was a really fun time with a couple of friends.

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I wasn't able to get out until Monday, March 15th, then I made my trek to Nashville. I stayed there for 9 months before coming home for a girl. That's a story for another day that I will never tell. If you know then you know and she probably was right for letting me go.

What do you remember about the Blizzard of 93?

I don't have any pictures from 30 years ago but I have several from 2020. Let's see how the snow from 2020 compare to this one? 

Waking Up To A Huge Snowstorm In The Twin Tiers

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