Putting up holiday lights on the house or business sure is fun and festive. But be careful what you do with those lights this year, it may cost you a house load of cash in fines.

According to reports, the FAA is warning people who intend to use laser style lighting on their houses and light display to make sure they don't point in to the night time sky.

“You might not realize this, but a well-meaning attempt to spread holiday cheer has the potential to create a serious safety risk to pilots and passengers on airplanes that fly overhead,” continues the statement. “So please make sure all laser lights are directed at your house and not pointing towards the sky. The extremely concentrated beams of laser lights reach much farther than you might realize.”

Christmas lights have come a long way since the large, bulb style lights that our parents and grandparents used. The new lights sure are bright! But it may not be worth the $11,000 fine that the FAA would charge if your lights interfere with a plane flying overhead.

Christmas is only days away and we have seen some of the best lights ever in the Western New York area. As a matter of fact, one of the most talked about is the display at the Chick-fil-A on Transit Rd at Losson in the Cheektowaga/Lancaster area.

Your lights could win you Chick-fil-A for an entire year! Send us those photos on the WYRK App and you might win! Just keep the bright lights pointed down to earth.

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