Growing up on the East Side of Binghamton in the 60’s and 70’s brings back some wonderful memories, and one of the highlights of my youth were the Friday night football games at Binghamton North High, the only stadium in Binghamton at the time.

I remember going to the games and seeing people from all over the neighborhood, the big rivals between Binghamton North High and Binghamton Central High, even though both teams were not very good, we enjoyed the games.

I remember hearing that we were getting a semi-professional football team in Binghamton, the team was called the Triple Cities Jets, and they would be playing their first games at North High Stadium.

Ray Stanton was the founder and owner of the team and he would also be the quarterback.

Many of us knew Mr. Stanton, he was my math teacher, and his wife was also a teacher, and they lived a few blocks down from me on the east side of Binghamton.

I had never seen a professional football game in person and even though they were semi-pro. it was much faster and more intense than the High school games on Friday nights.

The Triple Cities Jets or the TC Jets as they were known, originally played at North High stadium until the later 1970’s when they built their own stadium on Water Street in Binghamton, where the Double Tree by Hilton is now located.

One of their arch rivals were the Scranton Eagles and I remember a game when the Jets just annihilated them.

TC Jets D-Back and special teams John Yannuzzi (a North High Graduate Alumni) was inducted into the Semi-Pro Minor League Hall of fame in 2016.

The TC Jets are also part of the Greater Binghamton Hall of Fame, and you can check out memorabilia and a video presentation of the team in display at the Oakdale Mall.

Here are a few of the items you can see when you visit.

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Take A Trip Through The TC Jets Past

Do you remember when semi-pro football was right here in the Southern Tier? The Triple Cities Jets were the talk of the town back in the day, and we're taking a look at some of the best bits of memorabilia from the Greater Binghamton Sports Hall of Fame.

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