When you think of skyscrapers and tall buildings in New York State you probably think of New York City.

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New York City is just full of skyscrapers and other tall buildings. When you don't have a lot of land to expand, you have to build up.

Well, that is not true for the rest of the state. Most towns and cities in New York State have plenty of land which means there aren't a ton of skyscrapers outside of New York City.

But there are some really tall buildings that help shape and design city landscapes all around the state of New York. Buildings in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany may not rival the skyscrapers you will find in New York City but they still are amazing to look at both inside and out.

Four out of the top 10 buildings on this list you will find in the 2nd largest city in New York State, Buffalo. Rochester also has a couple of tall buildings that landed on the list. Albany lands on the list twice including having the tallest building in New York State outside of New York City.

So you might be able to go up 100 floors when you travel to these places like you can in certain buildings in New York City, you can still climb into the sky and get some amazing views from these buildings from across the whole state of New York.

My advice is to take the elevator to the top unless of course you really want a workout and the stairs are the way to go.

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