The Motion Picture Association of America’s rating system was introduced back in 1958. Before that, there were strict laws controlled what films were allowed to do and say, although many were able to skate by using barely perceptible innuendo. The rating system allowed for filmmakers to include provocative content in their movies, because the MPAA could control who was allowed to see them. An R rating means a movie contains some adult material, like drug-use, sexually explicit scenes, and/or profanity. Anyone 17 or younger must have an accompanying parent or adult guardian to watch the movie. “R” happens to be the most common rating — it accounts for over half of all MPAA-rated movies.

But sometimes, a movie is evaluated by a standard that works much better on paper than in practice. The tone of a movie is just as important in judging its rating. Certain movies may check a few of the R-rated boxes, but are actually suitable for younger teens. Here are ten movies that are rated “R” for questionable reasons.

Gallery — Movies You Won’t Believe Were Rated G:

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