I don’t know about you but I like to look back and see what happened on this day in history.  Here's one that I forgot about that happened 8 years ago today.

It was a sunny and beautiful day when Marija Usova gave birth during a parachute jump. Well maybe not during the jump, but when she landed on the ground (that wouldn't be funny.)  As soon as Marija lept out of the plane she started to have contractions and almost passed out from the pain (that wouldn't be funny either.) She delivered the baby as soon as she hit the ground. That's one way to help get the child out, one big thud when she lands

Getty images sport - Cameron Spencer


Imagine her friends and family, looking up on a sunny and cloudless day, then all of a sudden, they feel rain.  Then realizing later that might have been a different kind of rain.  No truth to the rumor they named the child "Robin."........Cuz Robin's fly...never mind.