We've talked in the past about concert riders that music artists have. I remember a group that played at the Arena and one of their requests was a framed black and white photo of Don Knotts.

Willie Nelson and Lone Star both asked for green fees at a local golf course. So what about Carrie Underwood?

Her rider includes a back-stage organic vegetable tray, sugar-free Extra gum, peppermint Altoids and most importantly....She must have a well-sanitized restroom. I would love to know the story behind putting that on her rider.

In fact, you could ask her yourself when you meet her in Toronto on May 28th. That's right you could not only see her in concert but meet her in our latest 98.1 the Hawk Flyaway.

We'll fly you there, put you up in a hotel for two nights and even give you $500 in cash. But it all starts with you entering this contest. It's free and you can enter as often you want.

Check it out below and you could be going to the show. Good luck and we hope you're going to the show.