So the folks from Glamour have come up with a list of what his Halloween costume says about him. Tarzan, Gladiator or anything shirtless: He either has a sense of humor or he wants to show off all the time spent in the gym. If I tried to pull this off, the only humor would be me thinking that I could look good and the ladies laughing.

Photo by Tim Anschuetz.

Cowboy: Unless he goes all out  (you know chaps, horse on a stick), they say it means that he didn't know til the last minute and grabbed a hat and plaid shirt with jeans. Or he wants to be Rich Birdsall for Halloween, and who doesn't.  You can go to to find out more about that.

The question I really want to know is.  If you put a chicken suit on your son and he HATES it what does it mean.  That's what happened to my cousin Tims co-worker.  He put on the chicken suit and absolutely hated it.  This is so precious and it made me chuckle.  So what I'm looking for is a caption to this picture.  Let's have fun and could even get you a prize. I'll start: " I said I wanted to be Big Bird, not Chicken Little."