At The Can Man of Johnson City and Binghamton, NY, they provide commercial and residential services. Pick-up and walk-in services are available. Most brands are accepted, and they take your deposit containers and pay you 6¢. Also, they do bottle drives for schools, churches, fire halls, etc, and provide all the supplies needed for the fundraiser. So easy and convenient, why go anywhere else?

They accept:

•Deposit – cans

•Plastic and glass

•Bottle drives




•Water bottles

Motto: “Have no fear the can mans here!”
Founded: 1995
Led by: Sue Dillenbeck
Why They’re Unique: They come out to your vehicle no need to get your hands dirty, no worries, we count and separate your recycle ables for you.
They Can AnswerQuestions Relating to: Do you take water bottles? Do you take most major brands? Do you do bottle drives and fundraisers? Do you take non refunable aluminum cans?

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