As you know, We are doing something called "Welcome Our Troops Home."  But this is for the ones whose heroes didn't come home. How did and do they deal with it?

I lost a real good and life long friend, John Priestner, when he was piloting an Apache helicopter in Iraq in November of 2006. He was a veteran of Operation Desert Storm; and deployed for Iraq on July 22, 2006 to serve during Iraqi Freedom.  To read more about his story go here.

I think of him often and I miss him.  Well a woman's husband that was in the helicopter with John has written a book called "Unremarried Widow."  His name was Miles and her name is Artis Henderson.

It's a story about hope. It's a story about Iraq and it's a love story. She talks about how life is so beautiful. To see what she has to say, go here. It's a story that I can't wait to read. If you've lost a hero in the line of duty, then this could be a story for you as well.

 I will definitely be reading this book