A lot of people don't like Tony Stewart on the track.  I've been a fan of his since he joined Joe Gibbs Racing in the Number 20 Home Depot car.  I was mostly a fan in the beginning because Joe Gibbs was coach of the Washington Redskins and many know I'm a big time Redskin fan.  So I liked any driver that was with Joe Gibbs racing.

I've stayed a fan of his even after he left JGR to start up his own team.  I've said for the longest time that Tony does many things in private without wanting or seeking media publicity.  Here's another example of what Tony Stewart does.

Tony visited seven NASCAR fans who were injured Saturday during a horrific wreck on the last lap of the NASCAR Nationwide race at Daytona International. He was at Halifax Health Medical Center Sunday after the Daytona 500 for more than two hours.

Stewart did not want to be acknowledged for this, but when it was learned he had visited the fans, his team confirmed the visit. Tony met with each patient, and gave each a personalized, autographed Bass Pro Shops No. 14 cap. It was Stewart's idea  to visit the fans. Tony won the Nationwide race on Saturday, his 7th in that event. In Victory Lane, Stewart said he was happy to win but that all the focus should be on the fans injured in the grandstands. You can read more about Tony's visit here.

So say what you want about some of his actions on the track, but there is no denying his actions off the track should be commended.  Tony and the rest of the NASCAR boys and girl will be in Phoenix this weekend.