Was I Rude at Dinner?
Today Jay came across and list of table manners that are commonly accepted, and he was confused by one or two of them. Was he being rude at dinner this whole time?
Timed Texts Increase Responses
If you text someone and they don't write back, your pride probably keeps you from sending another message, because "double texting" makes you seem really needy.
But apparently, it works.  A new study looked at online dating to see if "double texting" was effective, and we're prett…
Thousands of New Yorkers Ticketed for Texting
New York State Police issued nearly 2800 tickets to drivers for cell phone or texting violations over a six-day period.
Officials say troopers targeted drivers who were using handheld devices while behind the wheel during a special enforcement campaign between April 10 and April 15...