What Does Love Mean to You?
What does love mean to you? I asked my family, friends, and community and I think it's just beautiful to see how love means so many different things to people.
Sexy? or Awkward… (Careful)
It's pretty embarrassing when you're doing something to try to be sexy and seeing the person you're with fighting the urge to laugh in your face.  So this survey has some good advice on how to keep that from happening.
Buzzfeed asked people if they find these 10 th…
Cheating: Women Know–Most Men Don’t
A woman's intuition is her superpower.  A guy's intuition... What intuition?
A recent survey by the cheating website Illicit Encounters found that women are way more likely to know if they're being cheated on.
Here's four stats:
Girl Fakes Kidnapping to Prove Love
This girl has a unique way of asking her boyfriend if he loves her.  Her name is Janet Brooks. She's 22 years old and she called the police, and said she'd been kidnapped in her parking lot to see if her boyfriend cared about her.
Janet from Clermont, Florida told the police that a group of guys forc…

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