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Missing Whitney Point Man
Here's another one, sadly. Help us find Paul as quickly as possible!
Paul Schwartfigure of Whitney Point is 46 years old, and goes by the nickname of "Bear". Friends and family say they've last seen him on Tuesday, January 10 around 4pm...
January 17 Starts The New “Move-Over Law”
So you're bee-bopping down the road and you see a weird looking SUV with a bar light on top? Now, is that an emegency vehicle or not? Better question yet...
"Do I legally need to pull over for them when they’re on the side of the road?"
Starting on January 17 the answer is…
The NY Faerie Festival Survives Last Years Rain Out
The three day NY Faerie Festival survived the constant rain of last year and is coming back! I almost got stuck with last years Hawk Toyota Tundra! This three day event offers a portal into the magical world of Faerie and an invitation to explore it's mythic landscape.
Macy’s Closing Four New York State Stores
Dozens of Macy's stores are about to be shut down as the retailer launches a cost-cutting program.
While the company's Johnson City store at the Oakdale Mall will stay open, four other locations in New York and three in Pennsylvania are being closed...
What Region of New York State Should You Live In?
I was born on the west coast, but grew up in Albany and have called the Southern Tier my home for five years of my life and according to this quiz, here is exactly where I belong. What region of New York State should you live in? Take this fun quiz from Siena Research and TWC News to find out!