Your Meanest Friend Cares The Most?
We all have that friend who is always mean as all heck. You catch criticism on every choice you make in your life whether you ask for it or not. Welp... It turns out they're being that blunt out of love for you!
A new study out of England found that your meanest friend might just …
Thanks For Having Lunch!
Big thanks to all my newest friends who joined me for lunch yesterday at Wendy's on the Vestal Parkway!!
They just remodeled the place and wow what a difference!! So modern! Tv's on the wall and sheik smooth lines... We tried the new Mozzerella Chicken products and tossed stories around of …
Facebook Automatically Ranks Your Friends
It’s too funny that this news just came out about Facebook because I was just talking to a friend and telling her that I didn’t know how Facebook determined what friends to feature in the “Friends” section of a person’s profile page. Now I do.