What's going on?

Volunteer Firefighters Open House This Weekend
One of the things that my Dad is most proud of is being a volunteer firefighter but membership is down. This weekend is "RecruitNY." It's a chance to tour your local fire station.
Is Getting Even the Answer
If someone has done you wrong, the way you react can make all the difference. The difference between predictable or remarkable. Which one are you?
It's Administrative Professionals Week
Today is the beginning of Administrative Professionals Week. It's a way to honor the one that makes you look good every day, so what are you going to do for them this week?
Military Homecoming Celebration
You're invited to attend an Honor Flight Homecoming to cheer for Twin Tiers veterans as they return to the Southern Tier after a day in Washington, D.C.
Today is National Jelly Bean Day
Today is not only Earth Day, it's also National Jelly Bean Day. If you have extra jelly beans that you want to get rid of, I know how to help. Check it out.