What's going on?

DIFD Night
Friday is DIFD Night, wear purple to the game and get your picture taken on the ice after the game. Check out what else is happening with the Devils this weekend.
Science Says Drinking Beer Is Relaxing
Have you had a busy day? Has this week been especially long? Are you feeling stressed out? If you answered "yes" to any of those, we've got the cure.
Things We Should Do
As I get older, I realize that there's more time behind me then ahead of me. Here's some things that is recommended we do everyday...and my thoughts about it.
Bus Trip to New York City Auto Show
Here's your chance to go to NYC and see the cars and trucks of tomorrow.....today. If automobiles is your thing, you won't want to miss this trip.
Why It Matters How You Pour Your Beer
Chances are good you've been pouring your beer wrong for years without realizing it, but here's the thing- the way you pour could be hurting you!
President's Day Fun Facts
The 3rd Monday in February is "President's Day." That's a fact. Here are some other facts that you may not know...and mostly true.
Meet Brad Paisley
Today is the last day to try and win the trip to see and meet Brad Paisley in Nashville...with $500 in your pocket.
Almost Annual Crappie Derby
After a 3 year absence, the Almost-Annual Crappie Derby in Whitney Point is on and it's a NYS FREE FISHING day. Find out more about this family friendly event.