What's going on?

It’s The Thought That Counts
Christmas is on a Monday this year so we’ll have the weekend for last minute shopping, probably not a good idea unless its for batteries and food.
My Top Holiday Movie Picks
I am seeing lots of polls on the best Holiday Christmas movies of all time and I’m not agreeing with many of them, so here are my picks for the top movies to watch during the holidays.
How Much Would You Pay For a Memory
Many shopping malls are offering packages that seem a bit pricey. How much would you pay for the memories of your child sitting on Santa’s lap in a portrait that will last a lifetime?
Today is World Aids Day
Today is World Aids Day its purpose is to unite people across our planet to help bring awareness and fight against HIV while showing support for those inflicted with the disease.
What’s Happening in Binghamton
The Endicott Holiday Parade is Saturday, October 2nd beginning at 11am on Washington Ave. Endicott. Check out a list of local community events here.
Radio-The Most Trusted News Source
Forget all the fake news, if you want the facts listen to the radio, a recent survey says the most trusted news source is us, your radio station.
What’s Happening in Binghamton
The Endwell Fire Station hosts a Pancake Breakfast, November 26th from 7am to 1pm. All you can eat. Kids get to visit with Santa from 10am to noon. More events here.
What’s Happening in Binghamton
The West Corners Lions Club will be hosting a Turkey Party on Saturday, November 18th at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Endicott, more details and other community events here.
Politics and Turkey Not a Good Combination
One week from today most of us will be sitting down to a Thanksgiving dinner of epic portions, and if your light dinner conversation turns to politics, try changing the subject before it gets heated.
Thanksgiving is a Time to Be Thankful
The one thing we all have in common during the Thanksgiving holiday is getting together feasting on some good food and spending time together, it is truly a time to be thankful.
The World Still Uses Pay Phones
Apparently pay phones are still in use and they generate millions in revenue each year. I haven’t used a pay phone in years, have you? And do you know of any in our area?
Whats Happening in Binghamton
Lots of things going on in the community over the weekend and next week? Check out a list of events here.