I go to Starbucks a lot... You know this by following me on the Tweetie boxes and the Facey spaces. You've seen the notes on my cups and when I go through the drive-thru it's always like a mini party!

Everyone runs to the window to say hi, I LOVE IT! To the window to see me always is Erica, Brittnie, Heidi, Mercedes, Cara, Matt, Lee and cast of many more that I can't remember right now because I'm terrible with names... But this time, A fairly new member of the staff was at the window. I knew because when I asked for "my coffee" she hesitated. I immediately popped the phone into camcorder mode. Ladies and Gents, meet Miranda Welch. Coffee Goddess, aspiring country star and all around pretty awesome chick! Even though she hasn't accepted my Facebook Friend Request.