It's Week 8 of the Pro Football Pick'em Challenge. If you win this week, you could parlay that into a night in the B-Sens skybox or tickets to a Syracuse football game, even a Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley Prize Pack just to name a few. Here's how.

Go to "What's Hot" and click on to Pro Football Pick'em.  If you are this week's winner, you'll get 10,000 loyalty points. You can use those towards any of the contests I mentioned and many others.  To see the complete list of what you could win, go here.

Congrats to JoeRacer14, he is still  the overall leader with 72 points. I'm still tied for 2nd with 69. If you want to see the overall leader board go here.  The great thing is even if you haven't been playing every week, that's ok.  We hand out 10,000 loyalty every week.  I lead Blind Squirrel (Traci) 5-1-1 in our head to head competition.

You have until 8:25 tonight when Carolina is at Tampa Bay.  If you forget, you can still play this weekend but tonight's pick won't count.  I'm adopting the Glenn Pitcher Pro Football Pick'em theory this weekend.

I'm taking Denver over Washington. That way if Denver wins, my pick'em wins. If Washington somehow wins then I am happy....Truth: I really think Denver will win the game at Mile High.

I honored Blind Squirrel last week by taking her favorite team, Philadelphia.  How did she repay me??? Philadelphia got trounced.  So sorry BS (Blind Squirrel), I'm taking the GGGGiiiiiiaaanntsss. Boy that's hard to write.  Good luck to all.