It's Week 7 of the Pro Football Pick'em Challenge. If you win this week, you could parlay that into a night in the B-Sens skybox or tickets to a Syracuse football game, even a Country Music Adventure of a Lifetime trip to Mexico and our 'Boots in the Sand.'  Check out how.

Go to "What's Hot" and click on to Pro Football Pick'em.  If you are this weeks winner, you'll get 10,000 loyalty points. You can use those towards any of the contests I mentioned and many others.  To see the complete list of what you could win, go here.

Congrats to JoeRacer14, he is the overall leader with 63 points. I'm tied for 2nd with 60. If you want to see the overall leader board go here.  The great thing is even if you haven't been playing every week, that's ok.  We hand out 10,000 loyalty every week.  Blind Squirrel (Traci) and I tied last week, which means I'm 4-1-1 in our head to head competition.

You have until 8:25 tonight to get your picks in when Seattle is at Arizona. If you forget, you can still play but tonight's game won't count. In honor of Blind Squirrel, I took Philadelphia (her favorite team) and the Giants (cuz even a blind squirrel can find a nut.) So Good luck and Hail to the Redskins.