Millions of you have spoken and A&E listened. Phil is back. Phil Robertson will be back on Duck Dynasty episodes beginning in January...for now


It looks like Phil Robertson's suspension from "Duck Dynasty" might be just for one show.  A&E will air new episodes of the show including Phil beginning on Jan. 15.

After millions took to Facebook to voice their thoughts and a "I Stand With Phil" petition was started, which got over a million signatures in the first day. A&E has decided to bring Phil back. Maybe they saw the errors of their ways or maybe it was dollar signs flying away. Either way, I'm glad he's least for now.

The network also hopes the media and fan furor will cool down over the holidays and that tensions over shooting future episodes can be fixed.  Sources said that the family was very serious about leaving the reality show after Robertson was placed on hiatus. The family released a statement on the Duck Commander website saying, "We are disappointed that Phil has been placed on hiatus for expressing his faith."

Last night the family was enjoying the Duck Dynasty marathon and now we can enjoy having Phil back for season 4. This is the time of year when people aim their attention towards a guy with a white beard. For a while it was Phil on Duck Dynasty, now it's back to Santa.

The episodes slated to air are part of the show's 4th season, but at this time we don't know if there'll be a 5th.