It's the first (of many) award shows pf 2013.  It's the People's Choice Awards on WBNG-TV channel 12 (CBS) beginning at 9pm.

This is the one that the actors, actresses and music artists like the best because it's voted on by the people.  In fact, you can still vote in 5 different categories: Favorite movie, TV show, new TV drama, new TV comedy and music.  Just go to 

Mark Davis- Getty Images

You can vote as often as you want and you're encouraged to have others vote as well.

Since it's on CBS, it'll be hosted by Kaley Cuoco, one of the stars of the most popular comedy on TV "Big Bang Theory."  I would expect a lot of Big Bang Theory type of jokes tonight.  One of the artists that is scheduled to perform tonight is Jason Aldean.  He says to expect a lot of flair when he performs.  I thought he originally said to expect a lot of flares.  I thought that it was odd that he would be shooting off flares inside the auditorium.

Here's some other things that I'm looking forward to tonight.  Some interesting outfits, I'm remembering Jessica Simpson wearing hot red cowboy boots and a fiery red dress. You know back when she was hot and fiery herself. I'm also looking forward to the awkward moments.  You probably know by now that Taylor Swift and Harry Stiles (One Direction) have broke up after a HUGE fight over the past weekend.  They are both up for several awards.  You know that if either of them wins an award, the camera will be showing the other to see what kind of reaction they have.

On the other side of things, I'm also looking forward to seeing Sandra Bullock on stage and not just because she's on my list.  She will be the first star to receive the Favorite Humanitarian award.  She's getting the award for all of her behind the scenes work including her donations to a High School in New Orleans that was damaged during Hurricane Katrina.

It's always an interesting show because it's not as glamorous as the Oscars and the stars seem to relax and let it fly on stage.  It also has about 98 different categories so there's something for everyone to enjoy.  Good luck to all the nominees and Power to the People (People's Choice, that is.)