Yesterday, Traci and I told you about the man who spent his life savings trying to win an Xbox.  Now there's more, here's what happened next.

After learning that Henry Gribbohm of New Hampshire lost his life savings at a carnival in hopes of winning an Xbox, a satire website offered to buy the large stuffed banana the man received as a consolation gift for the same amount of money the man lost.

At one point, he dropped $300 in a few minutes. He went home and got another $2,300.  He ended up losing $2,600 playing Tubs of Fun at the carnival. The next day, he complained to a person running the game and was given $600 and a large stuffed banana with dreadlocks. caught wind of the story, and announced it would buy the dreadlocked banana for the $2,600.   They said “For every Facebook 'Like' this post gets, we'll put 10 cents toward the cost of Henry's stuffed banana, and if we get to 26,000 Likes, we'll offer to buy Henry's banana for $2,600" If the post gets over 30,000 Likes, they'll offer to buy Henry's banana AND pay for the Xbox that he was originally trying to win."

"For once in my life, I happened to become that sucker," he said.  He may end up being a genius in the end.  He could get his money and he's already got the notoriety.